Conquest of Champions – Cards, Creatures, Creativity and… Cdepth

…Shut up!

Having just finished playing way too much Hearthstone, (Which I reviewed back over here!) I will admit to being somewhat uninspired when one of this game’s creators messaged me to try out his own CCG, Conquest of Champions. I took a look at it quickly and it seemed nice – pretty art, cool trailer and basic Elves vs Dwarves vs Demons setup placed into a tactical card-based strategy game. So I downloaded the client, tried one quick tutorial and went to bed. Work in the morning, sadly these reviews don’t (yet) pay the bills.

This evening after dinner I told myself I’d play a bunch, get enough for a nice, quick little review at the very least as soon as possible – the game is entering Open Beta as of the day that I am posting this (January 29th, 2014) and I figured putting out a review on the same day might help go towards getting me a few new readers, as well as help the game get a few more players.

Do you know how freaking hard it was to stop playing so I can write this damn thing and finish it by midnight!?

Oh God, do I like this game!

Having played through the tutorial, then busted down the first two missions in the Dwarven single player (of 6, to be fair), I’m pretty hooked. I’m not even sure where to begin!

Well, Conquest of Champions is being made… Well, WAS made and is continuously going to be updated, by Kihon Games. If you’re familiar with PoxNora, you’re familiar with them. They’ve been working hard since then and this game is proof of their dedication and the pride and joy they take in making video games.

It is currently being Crowdfunded, so if you want to go to Hawaii for four days with the lead game designer, all you gotta do is pledge $10,000. Seriously!

But doing so will allow me to play with tons of new content they plan on releasing, such as “Tournaments (both Booster Draft and Sealed Deck), Guilds, cross-platform support (Mobile/Tablet), Player Talent System” so get on that!

Enough precursor – the game:

Starting off by picking a race, I chose the Dwarves thanks entirely to having spent 100+ hours as a Dwarven Paladin on WoW eons ago. I still hold a place in my heart for the stubby, grouchy, hairy folk, so that was a non-issue. This gives me a starting Hero and his gang of super-best friends (read: deck of cards).


From there, I cleared the tutorial easily enough – I found it to be a bit vague at points, but I really enjoyed the last one where it basically told you to use the info it gave you and win like a big boy. Too many tutorials spoon feed you to the end and then it’s over, I liked that about CoC.

… I just realised what abbreviating the name of this game aloud entails. Tee hee. Conquest of Champions, you so silly!

Anyway after that I wandered through the menus a bit, I discovered a plethora (Indeed, plethora!) of things I can do that isn’t ‘spend money, buy booster pack’. Well… isn’t JUST ‘spend money, buy booster pack’. It is a CCG after all…

I digress – each faction is able to level up, each CARD seems to be able to level up as well to gain stronger stats by sacrificing other cards to give them experience. You’re even able to unlock portraits to use as your avatar given certain conditions, which is fluff I know, but still nice. I like goals.

There are Exotic cards to craft using specific cards you acquire, 3 factions worth of cards to collect and make decks out of, rankings to climb and someday hopefully achievements to achieve!

Then once you’ve got your deck built, it’s off to the single player to practice, get more cards and soon enough play against a real life opponent!

Playing my first real game, I had a blast. If you are aware of the Might and Magic series, it’s quite a lot like that, but instead of pre-recruited characters, it’s a deck of cards and a ‘mana source’. You place your cards on this huge grid and pretty much drive them forward to smash the crap out of the enemy’s cards. It’s like playing on Seto Kaiba’s original design before he made those huge, bulky stadium things on Yu-Gi-Oh.

That is a good thing, if you do not know.

I don’t even know WHY, it’s all aesthetic, but it makes the game less… ‘Why am I playing cards on a PC when I have perfectly good cards in real life?’ and more ‘Yeah, kill that stupid skeleton, Daggan!’


Oh yeah, your Hero is actually a playable, movable character. Suck it Anduin Wrynn and his crummy heal ability.

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of the gameplay – the goal is to upgrade your mines (mana sources), create more while destroying your opponent’s, using creatures and spells each with cool unique features that are thanks to the grid-based battles. Go from your end, to the other end, killing the enemy Hero as well as his two Shrines to win.


But there’s so many more layers, more depth to the battles that I’ve seen in only two games as one race. Take the middle summon pads? Leave them, go right for the shrine? Destroy his mines or forget about it, attack his healer? By the end you might not be able to have each of your characters do each of their possible actions, so you need to prioritize each round. You can even have your Hero basically go Super Saiyan if you leave enough unused mana lying around, so you might want to do that and build from there.

I don’t know, I can’t tell you. But what I can tell you is that this free game is totally worth a download, very much worth a few hours played and maybe even a few dollars spent – there are definitely worse things to throw money at than Kihon’s Conquest of Champions.

Maybe I’ll see you on there, with my buddy Daggan? You can’t miss me. His hammer won’t miss you…


Updated info found here!

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